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Good morning Jim,

I wanted to let you know that both Daniel and Alouette were encouraged after their telephone conversation to you. I covet you wisdom in knowing how to interact with 'students', each one with individual needs, and in the end they feel encouraged and motivated, ready to try again, and not corrected and downcast.


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Skills For Rhetoric: Developing Persuasive Communication, Student

Price per Unit (piece): $39.99
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This 34 week student-directed critical-thinking course will take the student through the writing of numerous academic essays, several public speaking presentations, and an extensive research paper. At the end of this course your student will be well equipped in the skills necessary to communicate their arguments through writing and to articulate their thoughts clearly.

The 2013 edition includes warm ups and concept builders.

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- Dr. Stobaugh’s material, online courses, and instruction are NCAA compliant. -
- Likewise, his AP courses--syllabi, material, and assessment--are CollegeBoard audited (approved). -