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"I am "surrounded" by people who participate in an Options - program - one day a week of free classes provided by the school district. It has left me with a little difficulty remembering why I home school - I just know I would waver if it wasn't for your classes. The children both said that they do not want any one else to teach them Literature."

- Home School Mom

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Handbook for Literary Analysis - PDF Interactive Version

Price per Unit (piece): $49.99
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Handbook for Literary Analysis: How to Evaluate Prose Fiction, Drama, and Poetry is a reference book (not a curriculum) that has a high view of the reader, the critic, and the student. All three are invited to think critically, to discuss thoroughly, the great literary works of all civilization. Systematically, the Handbook defines, explains, and illustrates all significant literary terms in fiction, drama, and poetry. Along the way, readers explore copious, inspired examples, including biblical examples. Finally, we can read real literary analytical essays by high school students! An ideal resource for a novice or veteran literary critic. Will assist students who wish to begin with American, British, or World Literature without the preliminary work of Skills for Literary Analysis. Includes study guides on over 50 classics. 523 pages.

This is both print volumes together, unabridged

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