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At the end of my 6th grade year, my mother faced a dilemma. After trying a few popular writing programs, I still could produce little more than a disorganized summary of a short story. Then, my mother discovered a new course, Dr. Stobaugh's Skills for Literary Analysis. At first, we were overwhelmed by the thought-provoking assignments. However, by the end of the school-year, I could comfortably compose a literary analysis of a Shakespeare play or a Dickens novel. I can confidently say that this is thanks to three factors of equal importance: my mother's persistent guidance, the course's continually challenging assignments, and Dr. Stobaugh's weekly critiques of my papers through the distance learning program. I am forever grateful to Dr. Stobaugh for his vital role in teaching me how to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and deliver a cohesive written assignment.

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World Literature, Student Edition

Price per Unit (piece): $43.99
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A strong reading and writing expereince comes with this comprehensive whole-book, essay-based, classical World Literature course. The student reads the literary work and then works through the lesson choosing an essay topic from a variety of critical thikning choices. Literary analysis, biblical application, enrichment or challenge questions offer students options as they choose the works to be read and the essays to be written. The course is customized for their individual interests and needs. Worldview instruction becomes relevant using as secular literary language that can be applied in non-Christian settings. The discerning student is primed as an apologist.

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