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"I appreciate you so much - you have taken such a burden off of my shoulders with your expertise in grading writing, and you are such an encourager. Thank you, sincerely."

- Karen, a parent

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Language Arts Curriculum

Junior High
Dialectic Stage (7th-9th Grade)
Reading and Writing Skills

High School
Rhetoric Stage (9th-12th Grade)
Logic and Reasoning Skills
(2012 Editions)

Skills for Language Arts
Skills for
Language Arts
Skills for Rhetoric
Skills for
Skills for Literary Analysis
Skills for
Literary Analysis
American Literature
brit lit cover
World Literature

All language arts courses have:

Chapters: This course has 34 chapters (representing 34 weeks of study) to earn two full credits; writing and literature.

Lessons: Each chapter has five lessons, taking approximately 45 to 60 minutes each.

Student responsibility: Responsibility to complete this course is on the student. Students must read ahead in order to stay on schedule with the readings. Independence is strongly encouraged in this course, which was designed for the student to practice independent learning.

Grading: Depending on the grading option chosen, the parent/educator will grade the daily concept builders, and the weekly tests and essays. (See pages 7 and 8.)

Additional books and texts: A list of outside reading is provided after the table of contents. Students should try and read ahead whenever possible. Most readings are available free online or at a local library.

Throughout these books you will find the following:

Chapter Learning Objectives: Always read the “First Thoughts” and “Chapter Learning Objectives” in order to comprehend the scope of the material to be covered in a particular week.

Daily warm-ups: You should write or give oral responses for the daily warm-ups to your educator/ parent. These are not necessarily meant to be evaluated, but should stimulate discussion.

Concept builders: You should complete a daily concept builder. These activities take 15 minutes or less and emphasize a particular concept that is vital to that particular chapter topic. These will relate to a subject covered in the chapter, though not necessarily in that days lesson.

Assigned readings: Remember to read ahead on the required literary material for this course. Students should plan to read some of the required literature the summer before the course.

Weekly essays: You will be writing at least one essay per week, depending on the level of accomplish- ment you and your parent/educator decide upon. These are available in the teacher guide and online.

Weekly tests: These are available in the teacher guide and online.

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About the Curriculum:

Your student will develop a love for reading and writing by engaging classic literature through critical analysis and real life application. This curriculum is designed to meet the individual needs of your student. It is not a "cookie-cutter" program in which the student works for the curriculum, instead the curriculum is designed to work for the student. Engaging literature through a biblical perspective is the core of For Such A Time As This. With the Language Arts program (updated in 2010), your students will grow intellectually and spiritually into well-educated Christians equipped with exceptional reading, writing, and oral skills to communicate God's truth in all settings. Dr. Stobaugh, a homeschool father and trained educator, has created this top-of-the-line, 34-week program that guides students through a whole-book essay-based curriculum. As your students progress from 7th through 12th grade, they develop essential foundational writing skills (Dialectic Stage) and progress to advanced literary analysis skills (Rhetoric Stage), all based on the Christian theistic worldview.

Academically Rigorous: This whole-book, essay-based curriculum is challenging and stimulating for students, while amazingly easy to teach. Dr. Stobaugh challenges students to thoroughly explore, to examine closely, and to analyze critically classic literature while leading them to acquire strong writing and speaking skills. The program includes a well-balanced combination of daily practice and longer-term essay projects. New Concept Builders are scaffolds to guide students through various activities that highlight the most important concepts. This program is designed to keep students engaged. The academic rigor of this program enables students to reach new levels of advanced writing, speaking, and critical thinking.

Authentically Christian: For Such a Time as This curriculum assists young Christians in being light in a dark world, productive Christians in a post-Christian world. It enables them to become well-educated, skilled apologists in the home, academic arena, and workforce. Dr. Stobaugh advocates the Christian worldview by weaving scriptural concepts, readings, and applications throughout the curriculum. Students learn to distinguish truth from false worldviews within literature, history, and today's culture. Using the inspired Word of God as the platform for evaluating classic literature, For Such a Time as This equips students to stand firm in Christ while living in a society that is increasingly failing to recognize truth.

An Exceptional Value: For Such a Time as This resources offer this high-quality material at an affordable price to support and to enrich the family learning experience. Furthermore, For Such A Time As This is dedicated to distributing only materials that are academically and biblically sound and trustworthy.

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Product Review

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